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Good morning, all!
At least they just doing it the old way.
Well well. Seems like I'm finding everything around here now.
No, I did not over-analyze that gif. I didn't notice that they let you see just a peek of the wrist or when BobRossImpost makes a double-move to kiss a hand not connected to his body, unlike the natural fluidity that affection shown towards an attached limb brings.
I was wondering where my prosthetic circle game went!
Originally Posted by doubledenim
Does a "Stars and Bars" front license plate limit the prospective buyer market for a used car?
prolly not nearly as much as truck nuts. only the finest vehicle connoisseur can appreciate the delicate stylings and social statement made by a huge, hulking dangling chrome package on the trailer hitch of a 4x4 Ford F150.
please subtract one of those alsos, por f'lavor.
Ya. I'd also add it's also a sales/trade tactic to justify a lower value. Like trading your car, the sales guy would probably say your tires have a lot of wear and need replacing. Or that ding on the back quarter panel will need to be repaired, then you're looking at a paint job. *as the dollar signs steadily roll down*

Back to guitars, I imagine they would probably replace and tune your strings with that. Different standards for different shops though.