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Autocorrect has certainly made drink shouting less fun but it hasnít t made it any less funnier
Ya know whatís bad about a drink strong! The second one is usually strong we
My 151 days are long behind me. But yeah, that drink
Originally Posted by John McClane
Oh snap, this drink is strong
Like, espresso-strong or 151-proof-rum-strong?
Oh snap, this drink is strong
Originally Posted by mark f
R.I.P. Louise Fletcher

Feels like Saturday!
I will watch anything with Anna De Armas
I will watch anything with Anna De Armas
Originally Posted by Yoda
I was gonna wait on some reviews, personally.
Thank you. Gathering opinions for now, I still have five hours to decide. Didnít take you for someone who cares that much about reviews, though, do they tend to affect your decision? Speaking as someone who used to be very influenced by reviews before Iíd even seen the thing and in a sort of recovery now. (ďRecoveryĒ is hyperbolic, but that is a bit how I feel about reviews).
Originally Posted by AgrippinaX
Question is, should I watch ‚ÄúBlonde‚ÄĚ?
I vote yes. It looks like it might be interesting. I'm planning to check it out.