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Completely forgot it was Toikey day - Happy Toikey Day to those that celebrate it!
Ffs. Sprained wrist AGAIN. Want some tacos too. *jealous*
Taco Thanksgiving over here. No birds harmed in the making of these feast xD
Somebody shout 9-1-1.... Turkey fya bernin' on tha dance flo', wah-oh, oh!
i hope none of you gets mauled by a cursed turkey today. Who would I shout at if that were to occur?
The best part about a giant taco order is leftovers
Run away and hide still works, tho. lol
Almost died in a very bad location in the process. lol
Originally Posted by John McClane
ynwtf: I beat Act I around 5pm today
Dig it.
ynwtf: I beat Act I around 5pm today