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I used to explain things to people. Now I don't bother because no one cares and no one seems to want to understand.

Job security!
Motorized roof-mounted antenna, anyone?

*Click, click, zzzeeerrgggaaahhh, zzzzeeeerrrrgggaaahhhh, click, click, zzzzeeeerrrrggggaahhhhh, ....*

"Only a few more minutes children, then the picture will come in. Oh Billy, what have you done? You tripped over the wired VCR remote again. I'll go get the electrical tape."
Of course, that was predated by being proficient in operating the little coaxial box with the slide switch.
Me: Ok. You should see a file on your desktop.

Mom: ok I'm looking, but there's no paper on the top of my desk; and how would you know, anyway? You haven't been here since Christmas!
I think of the days when one was considered tech savvy for matching up the color-coded RCA cables.
I remember back in the day a lot of people thought Microsoft was a program. Granted, the distinction between Company, OS, and Program is not something someone should easily be able to suss out just by using the computer for a bit.

I always draw a big line between "not tech savvy" and "not tech savvy and deliberately helpless about reasoning out even basic things," though. I've run into the latter a bit and it pretends to be the former.
RE: Tech Support

I like the one where the person just can't get it through their head that the google search engine doesn't reside on their computer just because they are running Google Chrome.
Ey dew deh'klay-yuh!
Ill shut up
Five miles and Im feeling quite faded