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For sure. He was definitely making a Tuesday's Gone reference.
Maybe he was talking about his hair.
Trump said, "Bring back Gone With The Wind"?
Are we sure he didn't really mean something else by that?
The come back by the Parasite director was gold.
Nice to hear Trump lament new movies/academy awards, mentioning the great "Sunset Blvd" last night, as well as saying "Bring back 'Gone With The Wind'", which I didn't care for, but hopefully his fans check out "Sunset Blvd" and other classics.
I came across a trap rapper from my city on Instagram last night. I'm not proud.
And she should know better. She has been online since 1995!
Originally Posted by Sedai
RE: Tech Support

I like the one where the person just can't get it through their head that the google search engine doesn't reside on their computer just because they are running Google Chrome.
Ohhh, this is my parents! They use Chrome and then call the entire browser Google and get confused when I'm trying to talk about only the webpage Google.

My mom called the other day saying she was ordering her tax software from Amazon again this year... but that it was now a digital download instead of a boxed CD. She wanted to know if that meant she would have to file her taxes online.
I used to explain things to people. Now I don't bother because no one cares and no one seems to want to understand.

Job security!
Motorized roof-mounted antenna, anyone?

*Click, click, zzzeeerrgggaaahhh, zzzzeeeerrrrgggaaahhhh, click, click, zzzzeeeerrrrggggaahhhhh, ....*

"Only a few more minutes children, then the picture will come in. Oh Billy, what have you done? You tripped over the wired VCR remote again. I'll go get the electrical tape."
Of course, that was predated by being proficient in operating the little coaxial box with the slide switch.