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Best Looking Guitar I Ever saw was a Waylon Jennings Guitar
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yep Thats my dads guitar and I know its a Gibson brand it just had a different name of gibson brand
I will also add that even with my stateís stay at home order that downtown looked normal as usual. Technically, they ainít breaking any orders.
The skies parted open and I heard a choir of angels sing when I first laid eyes on it.
Mine looks like a POS thatís been sitting on the shelf for years. The plastic cling that originally came on it had melted into the clear coat underneath so itís hard to tell what is cling and what is clear coat. But oh man, itís mine.
This is a better looking photo of what I have.

Yeah, Iím just rocking a Baltimore. I bought it because it was cheap and I was assuming I wouldnít stick with it like everything else. But Iím decidedly in the ďI ainít never gunna stop playingĒ category now.
I cannot think of its actual name but My Dads Guitar Was an orange and red type with a brown looking patch near the hole that had like a floral pattern. It Was not an amp Guitar but more like the type in the opening scene of Rio Lobo
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No more spending money for me till July. At least.

Yeah, I still need to buy Stardew Valley. Damn.