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Geez, man, $gnus still going
But like, if you got more than $1,000 in a Robinhood account then you're an idiot, and I have no sympathy for any losses incurred.
Yeah, Robinhood is pretty ****ty. Price execution has always been terrible. But the instant deposit feature and how they set it up as a cash account makes their day trading much more forgiving than other platforms.

I have accidentally been hit with free riding in my Schwab account twice now because of how they handle cash.
I heard Robinhood is in trouble - check that out when you get a chance. A lot of people in my trade group changing to Webull.
If I'm not mistaken, Schwab and TD started a merger recently.
Yeah, I use Charles Schwab for stuff I hold long term and to check charts, but I use Robinhood for day trades.
TD.. Think or swim. I like those charts the best.
What platform you trading on anyhow?
Well, send some profits my way!
Originally Posted by John McClane
It just halted on the way down. Bad bad sign. Plus, I popped into some of the chat places I frequent and people are celebrating because they are unloading bags they been holding for a long time. Donít get stuck holding the bag!
Impossible. My stop loss is WAY above where I got in. That said, sold half my shares for big gains.
My portfolio is a 50/50 split between $uavs and $nok. Iíve followed them for awhile now so I know how they typically run.