The Shoutbox
Man, you're one of like 3 people who calls me "boss" now and then. I really don't get it. Anyway, I just saw most of "Apollo 13" and I'm feeling a lot better than I was before. A good way to go to bed. See ya'll tomorrow.
Night, Boss.
It's time for me to sleep. Or at least get off the computer. Good night.
I know. I know. Chilly.
Dude, not cool.
All it takes is a frozen fish finger and you'll never go back.
I don't need milk for that, I've already...naw. That's WAY too easy.
Want strong bones?
See what happens when you don't drink your milk, kids? You end up running a forum, talking like a 90-year old retired Jazz singer.
C'mon, it's fun. Skibbity boot, boot boot. Skibbity bank, bank bank. Skibbity bot, bot bot. Skibbity pop pop BANG! Oh yeah.