The Shoutbox
I wish you were. My brother (Tom) thinks that Travis might be an athsmatic...
Hey man, I ain't yer servant.
Sigh. Yes, Boss.
Yes, SMH confirms that before AND after the game you can catch the trailer of Spider-Man with extra footage. Before being during Pre-Game, and after being during Malcolm in the Middle.
Just go to The Glossary and track it down yo'self.
SHOUT 200!!
Give us the link to Travis.
Yes, I have added Travis. It's too funny not to add. Spud: yeah, I think it's new stuff. If I remember correctly, it's debuting there. Yay.
You should hear the conversation here:

Mum: All flies have germs....
Tom: Not Travis.
You're adding Travis to the Glossary?
You think it's anymore than what's in the already out trailer?