The Shoutbox
Of course you can. What do you think I was trying to do?! Quote the Simpsons to make you happy?! I don't need to quote the Simpsons and nor do I need to make people happy!!

Look at me, I'm making people happy! I'm the magical man from fairy land! I live in my gum drop house on lollypop lane!!

In case you couldn't tell, I was being sarcastic...
Well, you did quite well. Just felt the need to quote the immortal Homer Simpson. You can't pass up an opportunity like that.
I trying to be poetic and wonderful.

Not Simpsonic, despite using the tune and the majority of the lyrics.
"Cough syrup."
You seem lonley.

When the weight of the world has got you down,
and you want to end your life,
Bills to pay, a dead end job and problems with the wife.
Well, don't throw in the towel 'cos there's a place right down the block,
Where you can post your misery away,

At MooooooFoooooooo,
Where Sadie, Toose and Spud,
Can warm you like a hug,
Happiness is just a post or two away...

Happiness is just a post or two, awaaaaaay.
I got me a futon's very cool...

Looks like a cheetah...
Yep, it's a very nice holiday. I dig it...even if I don't have anyone to romantically share it with, it's still a very nice day.
I know it is.
I'm the only one who calls her Katie. I'm the only one she lets call her Katie.

Lucky me.
Ahhh. An Valentine's grand?
Yes, of course she has a first name. What I meant was that, no, I didn't tell her anything, and no, I wouldn't call her the girl of my dreams.

Katie...nice name.

Does she have a first name?
My girl's name is Katie.

Not the one from 4 years, but yeah. My God. Bad news on the Kate-front however. Check the Highlight Tab...
Wha? Eh, no. Not that I know of. Just dropping off some flowers this Saturday (I hope. I may have to have them sent).