The Shoutbox
Nobody is using The Shoutbox? What kind of cursed souls are you???
Another picture has emerged of me...

I'm leaning back in my chair and the camera was off to the side, hence the reason why it looks funny...
Wake up in the middle of the night...Someone probably wants to talk to me....I'll only be on for a minute...

Hour later...need to go to sleep...
No, just forget. But that's a good idea, too.
Just in case you did some sleepwalking and wanted to chat with someone??
I didn't stay up, guys...I left the Who's Online? window open all night and it kept refreshing.
"It's just a meeting"

"They're men with JOBS Jerry!"
Well. I'm off.
I'll see you all ASAP tomorrow after ten thirty. It's the big day!! THE BIG DAY!! NOMINATIONS!!


So, yeah. I'll see you all ASAP. T, Spudly, Sades, Patti, Toose, Hold's, everyone.

Have a good one.
Always a pleasure.

The version of what I said for those who are tired and can't make sense out of stuff:

"Well, at least you can say that despite not being able to go to sleep you are able to talk to me, which is great, and something the others missed out on because I wasn't on here much today."
I made sense. I thunk.
How is you Patti? Have a good day?
You seem tired.
you talking to me silver? MAKE SENSE DAMNIT