The Shoutbox
drex around, bright eyes!
The Shoutbox is a real page drexel today.
Maybe Tina Drexel? Drexel and Hooch? Drexel Network Classics with special guest introductions from Drax the Destroyer??? Joseph William Drexel, for you fine art enthusiasts!?!?! Let me just first drex this shutoff valve. there's a water leak....
I looked it up: it means "to turn" in German, so it's like the German version of Turner. My favorite band is Bachman Drexel Overdrive, for example.
made out of iron shavings.
Drexel sounds like an ice cream topping.
another option is that it's the smallest visual representation of a rasterized drex. for printing purposes, you'd want to have your file at least 300 DPI (drexels per inch). ideally, that would be 600 drexels per, but not a concern if it's not professional magazine level production. 72/96 drexels per, for web use. that may be changing though, given the level of screen resolution improvements. if the quality is too low, then you would refer to the appearance quality as being "drexelated."
well. what isn't a Drexel?

alls i can say is that you probably shouldn't anger one. they don't like to lose.
What the f**k is a Drexel?
I picked up a copy of uh... True Romance a few weeks back and keep forgetting I have it to watch the danged thing.