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i dont know but maybe some one should sart a thread about music videos and directing
Does anyone have any idea as to who directs the Garbage music videos?
I caught a couple lately, and visually they're pretty f#ct up :P
Well. No one's on. I'm basically talking to myself.
I'm going to take a shower, and then write something, perhaps.

Have a good one all, always a pleasure.
I was away a good deal of the day. Looks like the inmates took over the asylum. Not that that doesn't happen when I'm here, though.
You're still babbling.

Eh...don't think too much about was a long day and I just felt like babbling...
I assume you're being sarcastic?

*shrugs shoulders in "what the?" fashion*

It was a great anti-war film. I felt like screaming so many times.
Yeah that was pretty cool...

I thought the scene in which they try to pinch the nerve to save the young soldiers life looked a little too REAL..., but I guess it added into the effect Scott was trying to accomplish...
I can see why it got Ridley Scott a Best Director Nomination, and it wouldn't suprise me if it took out Best Cinematography. That shot where the black smoke swirls around because of the rotr blades is one of the best visuals you're going to see all year, I reckon.
Well, I liked it...

Very graphic, but what would you expect in a war movie? Holding hands, singing campfire songs?
You're right Spud, I enjoyed BHD immensley. How'd you know?!