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Lol, actually for me pluto tv doesn't even work...

Im going to bring back the tradition: Becker 2021

You can thank me later 💀
Originally Posted by John McClane
Originally Posted by John McClane
So I was eating out tonight and one of my favorite songs from the 90s came over the speaker system: Better Off Alone. It's crazy how the most throw away lyrical songs can leave such an impression.
gosh loved this song
Originally Posted by John McClane
Opening things from strangers.
Originally Posted by Chypmunk
Great name for a tv show.
Like Deal Or No Deal with extras...
Great name for a tv show.
Opening things from strangers.
How does one get a virus on ones phone? Apart from porn?
Loving the reviews of Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Fan service, a hollow reason to trot out the equipment again, uninspired.

Perfect! Slap an Ecto Cooler in my hand and flip the switch *cue proton pack warming up sound*
Originally Posted by Sedai
I am almost certain that photo is in the personal pic thread, too...that thread is...long.
Yeah, you might be right. I wonder if it would be wise to close it and start a new one. Might encourage new people to join in more, too.