The Shoutbox
Hi Toose, I'm bored. Do you know where I can get a free tgp script?

Hi Kent from Kansas! Have you met the gorilla your dreams yet?
I'm working on improving the signature system further. If I ever get the bugs worked out, you'll dig it.

Yes, like Barbie, Sun, if that helps you to understand.
Your name is Kent? Like from Barbie?
Never mind... it'd help if I read...
I want revolving sigs T...and I want them now.
Cooooool thanks TWT
Yeah, I'm working on the number thing. I mean, I know why it's there; testing purposes.

You can add multiple sigs here:
yeah I got a -0 next to mines. hey how can I put in more sigs
If any of you see the signatures acting funky, do not despair; Yoda's geeking it up a bit this morning.