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i hope russel crowe doesnt get it two years in a row
Not saying L.O.T.R doesn't deserve it. It certainly does.

It's just a close second...
Same situation.

Want MR to get it, but it'll go to one of those other two.
lord of the rings or a beautiful mind, i voted for moulin rouge though. u?
My guess would be their just looking at ALL of the aspects, and as you said yourself, acting wise (and therefore I'd be thinking the script's pretty crash hot) it was pretty good, they're probably thinking -- what a great movie. Hasn't even opened here yet. Argh!

Who do you have your money on for Best Picture?
it was good
just dont see why it got the nom for best picture
I'm about to read your review, Mec.
What'd you think?
Enjoy it Mec!
Have a good one!
alrighty then thanks see you all later
In The Bedroom would be my pick, due to the mood I'm in at the moment. It depends on what you're looking for.

I have a friend who said the I.T.B just blew him away emotionally.
no no no, i forgot to put what i was talking about, gonna go see a movie now, gosford park or in the bedroom