The Shoutbox
"...Doody Time,
It's Howdy Doody Time!"
Hey Matt. Same here. Should be busy. I guess that's good, though.
Hi Sunny! Missed you the other day! How's life? Hi T and Patti and MoFo's! I'll be in and out today
What are you guys talking about? Outlawing the?
I'll reply tonight or tomorrow. Not sure which. Maybe a meld of the two. Good night.
Night all.


Assuming that you are responding in the God thread, I'll try to tackle it tomorrow. Night.
Ha-ha-ha-ha-Ha...what's the purpose of the "the" in your name? Silver! You walked right in it!
Oh my God how I suck.

I am trying to make a point with "the" presence of "the" "the" in my name Spud.

It's a political statement...

Yeah. That right.
A political statement.