The Shoutbox
Quigley Down Under .... With Tom Sellack it's a western that take place in Australia I really loved it as a kid but know it's alright. you should check it out if just for the fun of it and it's lovelt Score
Never even heard of it. What movie?
Australia Quigley Down Under Style do you dig that movie Silver
Eight at night. I live in the "Future". In a couple of hours it will be Monday. Dun, dun, dun!
8:00 night or day it's 2:00 in the mornig were I live Cancouver B.C.
It's only 8:06PM.....
you know what time it is chilldren this is the most I've seen on this site at this time Shout Shout let it all out HA HA HA
I actually can't believe the whole Travis saga. It's become quite an event in this household.
Yeah, I guess that might have something to do with it. Hoo-ray for Travis.
Well that explains the whole stomach thing. Just for your reference (Spud and T), apparently Travis is still going strong. This is hours later too...
Yes, agreed. I just threw up, by the way.