The Shoutbox
I'm gonna be working on getting a new forum up today so if you need to talk to email address is [email protected]
And there was much rejoicing...YAY!!
Hey, I just made the 1000th shout in the Shoutbox!! Hooray!! And now I'm talking to myself. I wish someone was here. To celebrate. I'm off to bed now, I'll check in first thing in the morning to see how you all are before I go to school. I have much better days when I can stick around with you guys and have fun, I'll tell you that.

Am I missing something? Is it good there? What's the deal? Is it better here? Am I missing out?! Oh God!! Kindergarten, secret clubs, it's all coming back to me!!!!
Just reading back on whatever little bit fo that convo I can, I'm kinda weirded out by it. I've never been to Movie Vaults and nor do I really want to. Movie Forums is just fine for me thanks.
Good afternoon.
I missed you all -- but not much.

Fish. Pony...hip. Hip hop. Hip hop anonymous (was running out of funny quotes, so I just expanded on one of the old ones).
Alright, I'll send you a PM.
Toose- I understand. My main problem is with Commishy

TWT- Have you even read the conversation over there? Toose says he doesn’t want anything to do with anyone over there. That’s what I would call a falling-out (or have you forgotten the days when he used to refer to his MV buds?)

Unfortunately, I have to go now. So if you want to continue this (don't see why you would want to, but whatever), PM me.
Read back on some of those threads over there... I tried to make friends with everyone... I got ridiculed for it.
I'm simply not a fit. I'm not one here either per se cause I hardly post out of intermission but at least my views are listened to and respected.