The Shoutbox
"Did you eat the skipper?"
Geek it up boys, GEEK it up!
Yeah, I know...Oracle developers are well-paid. Hopefully I won't be flabbergasted while installing it.
If it makes sense to you... PURSUE CERTIFICATION! You would be able to write your own ticket!
Oh, BTW: got my developer version thingamajig of Oracle9i in the mail yesterday. Ordered it weeks ago -- 'tis free, of course. I hear it takes up 192MB of RAM just by starting up. It'll probably take up a few GB of space...but I've got room on this machine, thankfully. Should be fun.
No fun. I'd rather spend all day here working on a special signature editor.
Yeah... database stuff... integrity issues. Thinking around every squirrel that wants to crack the nut.
You mean help you with a forum? I'd be glad to. If you mean advanced queries -- hizzell no. I hate that stuff. Even geeks have their limits.
Wanna come do mine? Grrr... data integrity....
I think I'm going to geek it up a little bit today. Forum's looking good, Kent...though one forum, it says, has -6 posts.
I'm gonna be working on getting a new forum up today so if you need to talk to email address is [email protected]