The Shoutbox
Oh, it won't be the last.

Okay, I'm adding the blushing smilie now. Gracias to Mr. Kent Woods for his generous contribution. A wing of the site will be named in his behalf...or something like that.
First time I have ever heard someone say their stomach is giving them crap...
Yeah. Just one of those days. My stomach's giving me crap (no pun intended). I feel very, very odd.
I know what you mean chris...but's only 9...ARGH
I can't believe it's only 10PM. It feels like 1AM.
My forum is strictly hush hush right now...only a few know about it simply cause I'm still toying with it...
Wait...that's the clown it with two red circles...not too bad of a smilie
Sounds like fun.
It's white with two red circles...
I was in a motel with two people and another. One was sleeping. So were the other two. Loudly.... I was....hmm, listening. What IS your forum Spud?
I feel sick.