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No, saw that movie long ago. I forgot all about him singing anything.

I actually thought Rules of Engagement was pretty good. Again, I'm a sucker for Jackson. It wasn't great...could've been better. But the cast was great. Guy Pearce (along with Jackson) had some GREAT lines:

"Are these the motherf*ckers?"
I also watch Rules of Engagement with Samual L. Jackson......the ***** was the pits man what did you think about it ??
Do you know what song Samual L. JAckson was singing in The Long Kiss Goodnight .......I can't remember
Yeah, I saw some of that a month or so ago, I think. The one with Ah-nuld in a goofy looking jumpsuit, right? Blech.
yeah the chase with the Horse was the high point and Tom Aronld when he touch all his body part to check for bullet holes.

I watch Running Man a while back ......when I wa a kid I thought it was super dooper but it such crap now WOW i didn't think it could be as bad as it was .
You mean Ah-nuld in True Lies, wearing the tuxedo under the wet suit? Don't remember any singing, though. Or are you talking about Samuel L. Jackson?
I love when he sings the song and adds in his only lines plus the dudds that he puts on after going into the water

yeah the ending was just a tad bit overblown HA HA HA pretty weird stuff indeed
Oh, and I'd say my favorite Ah-nuld flick is True Lies -- have you seen it? I think it's a riot.
Yeah, Total Recall is one of his best, IMO. There's an Ah-nuld poll on the main page, BTW. Check it out and vote if you haven't yet.

I liked The Long Kiss Goodnight. It was fun. I think it got kinda weird at the end, but I really enjoyed the first half. Again, Samuel L. Jackson is the man...and Geena Davis, I thought, seemed pretty believable. One of my favorite lines:

"Chefs do that."
Art of War was so predictable it was a hoot in the theatre total Recall and Predator are my to favs of arnold's

Have you seen The Long Kiss Goodnight that was Kick Ass in my opinion