The Shoutbox
Yep, pretty much. I've done it before. Twice, I think. Once was at a church sleepover thing...played video games like all night. I went hope and slept for an hour or two then...from like 8 AM to 10 I guess that taints the achievement. I forget the details of the other, but I'm pretty sure I've done it twice.
That's insane.
I dunno. I think that's the goal.
You going to pull an all nighter?
Yeah, I agree. I guess the ending was pretty obvious. I tend to get sucked into the courtroom drama stuff, though. And the whole case "felt" real...realistic, plausible, etc.

Yeah, I am insane. Crazy, even. A borderline lunatic.
You are insane. I told you that.
You ain't a gent.

You a swellegant admin and a snappy dresser -- but that's it.
I like Pearce don't get me wrong but I thought he was preety bad in this one also Tommy wasn't that great either jackson was his usual self great but the movie had no were to go and it slaged alot of the time trying to get from scene to scene. althought the Cinemtaography was a high point it was like three different movies in one amazing every new chapter had a new look something i think is had to pull off and William A Fraker did a great job with his use of colors
Wait, hang on. Why "And T"? I ain't a gent?
4:34 AM here. I'M INSANE.
Hello gents. And T.
No, saw that movie long ago. I forgot all about him singing anything.

I actually thought Rules of Engagement was pretty good. Again, I'm a sucker for Jackson. It wasn't great...could've been better. But the cast was great. Guy Pearce (along with Jackson) had some GREAT lines:

"Are these the motherf*ckers?"