The Shoutbox
why do you aussies not like Mad Max it's got me all confused
Mad Max is not my bag.
I've done more than one.
I did one on Friday night.

I basically do one a weekend. And towards the end of the year, one during the school week too.

The answer:
Internet / Deadlines / Coke / Wagner
that's a shame you guys should do it more often I must have done 30 + all-nighters
what do you guys think about the MAD MAX trilogy ??
Too passive. That'd never work for me. I'd fall asleep. But video games...if you pass out, your game goes to hell, basically.
I've done it once.
Movies. Not video games.
Yep, pretty much. I've done it before. Twice, I think. Once was at a church sleepover thing...played video games like all night. I went hope and slept for an hour or two then...from like 8 AM to 10 I guess that taints the achievement. I forget the details of the other, but I'm pretty sure I've done it twice.
That's insane.
I dunno. I think that's the goal.
You going to pull an all nighter?