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The forgiveness part is just to make it trend. The rest of the changes are genuinely good. Hit my PMs if you want to tell me why it isnt.
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Student loans announcement today
Not gonna get into this discussion if I can help it. But hey, we're already halfway down Sh*t's Creek, so why not completely drown ourselves?
Thems a lotta toes you got there, Mr. Chyp.
Still prolly better paid than flipping burgers back in the .... *counts on fingers back to when Yin was a teenager* ..... early nineteen hundreds.
Damn, only a quarter? Them some serious Mr. Burns vibes
when i was teenager, i would pay this 7th grader quarters to do backflips in the mall concourse. he took tumbling classes or something. not sure i've ever felt as powerful as i did in those moments.
But more importantly, the way they handled IBR plans going forward is going to be a real boon for future graduates. This is actually a really good policy.

Oh shit, I said policy. That's political. I'll go sit in the corner now
So if I am understanding all of this announcement correctly I may be student loan free at the beginning of next year.
My dad is singing for joy.
Student loans announcement today