The Shoutbox

Greetings all!
Maybe I'm wrong. Like Father, Like Son? With Kirk Cameron? Remember him?
Val Kilmer was born rich, like Bruce Wayne, unlike most actors. That's why he was the best Bruce Wayne.
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and Chris.
Yes, verily. Kilmer was close behind, IMO, but Keaton was good because he wasn't too much of a pretty boy. Kilmer looked a little too polished to fight like such a bada**. Not realistic enough in that respect.
But Keaton is unbeatable in the suit... agreed?
I thought the absent minded thing worked... remember he didn't earn his own money so he can be weird.
Tobey Maguire could play Arnold Schwarzeneger in a biopic and he'd be credible. He'll ace Spiderman. And Kirsten Dunst is getting hotter by the milisecond. I predict she'll be hotter than the sun by 2010. And then she'll destroy the sun. And then she'll become our sun. And we'll all bow down and worship her. Oh, I love Kirsten Dunst.

Did everybody see MovieForums new celebrity? I believe Frankie Muniz has just joined us.