The Shoutbox

and Chris, be cool.
Russell Crowe is suffering from the same thing Tom Hanks went through. Everybody praises you and you win a lot of awards...and then Hollywood is done with you, you're TOO good. Id Russell is deserving, he should get it.
You're weak, Silver.
You can show me....

Something logical, I don't know.
No, that's okay, I believe you, Sades.
Poor, misused smilie.

Russell is good, IMO, but I've never thought of him as great. I guess that's my basic thinking. Not very logical...but what did you expect?
I'm not one of the guys! Wanna see?
Ha. Yeah. Do that.
Okay. Silver.
Well, this isn't a woman entering a room. It's Sades (yer one of the guys) entering The Shoutbox. Anyway, hello. There, that's twice now. Seeee? We DO like you? Be happy.