The Shoutbox
We don't have long before we need to get 100 shouts. We have to hurry.

Choose a movie we can quote!!
I don't think we'll make it man...15 minutes to go and we have barely made a scratch
Do the ugly people really deserve friends Spud. Do they?
I'll buy a clock.

"Nice watch."
"That's not a watch, Bub. It's a AOL disc."
"You're a wanker."
"I know."
You're not making too many friends with deaf and ugly people Silver.
I like to hit two of the three and then reload the page, so as that I can have another go without getting the stupid window come up because I'm so good.
The AOL discs they mail out and what not.

I've got 4 I took from a Sears, I got one in the mail the other day and I've got a Zebra striped disc. I would sell them for like $10 since the clockworks for them is like $5
No offense to the deaf.
I'm sure they're very nice people.
Very attractive, also, no doubt.

Well. Some of them.
Not all.
That's just crazy.

Not saying the ugly people can't be friendsly. Although I'm sure some of them are old and bitter about losing their hearing or the World Wars.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.
Not that therte's anything wrong with ANYTHING!
These banners are fascinating...i hit all three duckies like 5 or 6 times...
If you were deaf.