The Shoutbox
Poor, misused smilie.

Russell is good, IMO, but I've never thought of him as great. I guess that's my basic thinking. Not very logical...but what did you expect?
I'm not one of the guys! Wanna see?
Ha. Yeah. Do that.
Okay. Silver.
Well, this isn't a woman entering a room. It's Sades (yer one of the guys) entering The Shoutbox. Anyway, hello. There, that's twice now. Seeee? We DO like you? Be happy.
Why better not Russel get it, though. What's the big thang? He's an arsehole?
I'm not high maitenance...I just think that when a woman enters the room...some respect should be shown. Carry on with your little conversation...
Miss me?
Not really....I mean. Yes. Sure did.

Phew. 'Twas close.
I acknowledged your presence....

Actor-wise? Aw hell, I dunno...I'd need to sit down and look at each group and think about it. I haven't seen all the flicks anyway.
Actor wise...
Wow, high-maintenance chick. Hi Sadie.