The Shoutbox
Skib, skibbity bop. Bop bop bop. Skibbity boo. Boo boo boo. Skibbity bang. Bang bang BANG! Yeah.
A lot of milk?
Yeah, my cheapo forum has one advantage...
You mean not drinking milk? I dunno, I just don't like it much.
You?! What?! My brain can't comprehend that. Are you MAD?!
Yep, thanks to Mr. Woods for the wonderful demonstration. I'll try to find something better, but it's cool for now.
No problem Matt. Good game anyway. No, I haven't tried to drink a buttload of milk. In fact, I don't really drink milk at all...I guess that's another useless fact.
You could also throw up something wicked...never advisable to drink large quantities of one sitting....

Oh, and check this out
Has anybody ever attempted to drink an absoloute excess amount of milk in one breath. I tried it then. I think I'm blind.
It's rather funny.
I was Disconnected Chris. My computer hates JAVA.
Oh, it won't be the last.

Okay, I'm adding the blushing smilie now. Gracias to Mr. Kent Woods for his generous contribution. A wing of the site will be named in his behalf...or something like that.