The Shoutbox
"Roads" is another one of "those words," too. That and "limit."
lemon does sound funny! Try "Toy Boat". Say it fast outloud.
Say the word 'lemon" to yourself over and over again. Shortly it will make no sense at all.
Oh, I see.
You like living in an illusionary world where every one puts you above me?!

You want to bring it on do you Sadie?

smooth...why does that look funny? don't you hate when that happens? when a normal word somehow looks so weird? Like the other day I wrote the word "fork" and it looked bizzare! Is it smoothe...with an "e"? No...
read it over then, I'm not going to dumb- down smooth English for you!
What the hell did that post mean Sades.

I feel dumber for having read it.
I have no idea what that one shout means. Well, I think I know...but the words just got too confusing. I'm stoopid.

Silver's got the idea, to a degree. Bri...I mean Sades, knows full well how my philoshopical discussions can mess with her gameplay.
As I said:

BEAT you and BEAT you quick.
You thought I was on about checkers?!
Think Fish Fingers and Salads, Sades. have no idea...
that's what I believe, and you would be wise to allow me to labor under the illusion that Silver doesn't mean more to you than me.