The Shoutbox
Give us the link to Travis.
Yes, I have added Travis. It's too funny not to add. Spud: yeah, I think it's new stuff. If I remember correctly, it's debuting there. Yay.
You should hear the conversation here:

Mum: All flies have germs....
Tom: Not Travis.
You're adding Travis to the Glossary?
You think it's anymore than what's in the already out trailer?
Only by 10, Chris. You could always let me take over....
You just have a lot of hot air...that's all...
Travis the Fly! I MUST add that to The Glossary. 3 months! Spidey! Crap, that movie looks good. Don't forget: new footage during the Super Bowl tomorrow, too!
It proves you're a geek. The geekiest geek that every geeked.
Sadie's in 6th, with just a few less than Toose, who's in 5th. And yeah, I'm "winning." if you can call it that. I'm actually ashamed. It's semi-embarassing to lead in posts AND shouts. Shows that my forums aren't big enough yet...because I'm still the most prolific poster/shouter on them. Oh well.
My brothers are protecting a fly in my Mum and Dad's bed room, not letting it out, calling it 'Travis". Welcome to my life.