The Shoutbox
I take no pleasure in that fact. I take pleasure in the fact that Toose spoke the truth openly. If being blunt in his views means a friendship has been, as you put it, "destroyed," well, maybe it wasn't much of a friendship at all in the first place. I know I can be blunt with my friends.
There are no left-wingers on MoFo?

Funny how TWT displays a moment of schadenfreude, reveling in the fact that friendships have been destroyed.
Felt just as good for me to read it.
I burned my final bridge to the left wing... man I feel fuc*in' great!
Hmmm, older teenybopper? Debbie Gibson, or whatever her name was? Tiffany? I'm drawing blanks other than that.
Yep. Bye.
nah, that was by some other teenybopper like Britney Spears but she was older, more adult.

Goodbye Bullet!
I'm just coming in to say "Goodbye, I'm off to learn." Have a good day (evening?) everyone.
Ah, one word? My mistake. Dunno the lyrics from the other one. Is it the same band? If so, there's no way I've ever heard it.
correction: Lovefool
ah, you fickle music lover! there's that and:

it's just .... a little crush ...
not like everything I do ... depends on you ...