The Shoutbox
Oh...I wondered why Kramer and George gave her the funny look in the Coffee shop....
I'm not entirely sure you're spnge-worthy, T. Inf act, you know what?

I thought it was pretty funny.
That sounds like a pretty studpid one.
Yes, geek. That's the whole thing. She has no friends...and his parents LOVE her. She's a geek. A dork. Whatever you want to call it.
Oh. It's done. Geek, eh?
What season was is Spudly, you know?
The problem is she's A GEEK.
Here's one scene...

Jerry is with her and she stops to check her messages, two of her friends come out of the building where the phone is at she's checking her messages on...the two friends talk to Jerry, then walk off...the girlfriend then comes up, and Jerry says "check your messages?" to which she replies, "yeah, there weren't any"
I'll try to find out.
It shall be my quest.