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By the song Sam Jackson sings in The Long Kiss Goodnight, do you mean the one he screws up the lyrics to while singing to the radio in the car, or when he's in the hotel room describing what he's doing?
henry hill left. He was not banned or ordered to leave, but he started trouble which eventually spurred ryanpaige to leave. He left, too, as a result.

There's not much to tell about tyler's banning. He acted like an a**. Each post was more rude and juvenile than the last. One of them was particularly vulgar (he'd basically been warned at that point, too), so I deleted it, and banned him.
Yeah, I've seen North by Northwest -- of the others, I saw them when I was younger (I saw a ton of movies when I was too young to appreciate them, I think), but have yet to sit down and watch them straight through anytime within the last few years.
Just reading through the archives, and i noticed "Tyler" was BANNED.

what'd he know u wanna tell
TWT whatever happened to Henry Hill were did he go.......just Wondering
WOW as in it caught me very off gaurd. have you seen Rear Window,North By Northwest,Psycho or Rebecca. I for one consider "M" to be good but not that good.Do you know if and when a DVD is coming out.
Also it's the only old movie out of the 10 hhhmmm intresting
"WOW" meaning you can't possibly agree? Keep in mind that it's not the "best ever made" or "most impressive," just the most enjoyable. My list is just a list of movies I enjoy the most. A list of most impressive, or something similar, would probably be quite different.
Hey TWT, I just looked at you Top 10 list Dial "M" for Murder is your favorite movie of all time WOW.
Don't I just know it
Man, I'll tell ya, LBJ: you're super-polite, and a blast to talk to...but I don't envy your grammar/punctuation.

I'll see if I can figger out what song he sings.