The Shoutbox
Hmmmm...that's exactly what I'm sayin'.
Whatever do you mean Miss Sadie!? Are you saying that I, Spud, am in someway aimed at targeting an innocent bystander such as yourself for my own personal game!?

I'm shocked.
spud- past history. 'member?
Ahh... I woke up and it was beautiful, around 50 degrees. I turn on the news and we are supposed to have 6-8 inches of snow tomorrow. And to think, yesterday was closing in on the mid 60's
I have that affect on you huh.
Okay, good. You worry me with your computer-geek skills.
No, I just clicked on your name to get into the control panel. I didn't want to type in the address for it.
what? The clouds? I'm sorry. Spud, I caught you looking at my profile this morning...better not be using your moderator powers to alter any information.
Yeah, I have them now...
Good morning! Ahhh...the sun is out; no more clouds. Yay!