The Shoutbox
Hey Holden if your still on MoFo's can you help me with something what song does Samual L. Jackson Sing in the Long Kiss Goodnight if you know could you tell me please.
My Spellings the pits man but basically that's what I was getting at. It made the movie all the more better I don't want to image this movie in Pan & Scan it would make me fell SICK.
Does "crushal" mean the same thing as crucial?
I love De Palma's POV's like the one that starts off Blow Out also the one in The Untouchables also he's done tons of other great POV as well
The POV of those insects in City of the Lost Children was also well executed.
The Widescreen was crushal that's what I meant this thing refreshes to fast for me HA HA oh well
Yeah I loved Duck You Sucker but man did Al Pacino copy Rod Steiger in Scarface. Great Flick thanks the widescreen crushal
Er, I meant "but", not "by".

I said butt.

I'll be back.

Tomorrow. Don't know when, but I will.

Bye all.
Well I'm not going to answer you here, so nanny-nanny boo-boo.

And I loved the bullet POV in la femme Nikita. It was a new little idea executed perfectly by Besson. It was very quickly overused and made irrelevant in inferior flicks (Sniper, Posse, Wild Bill, etc.), by that first time was a winner.
Did you watch Duck, You Sucker, L.B.? Whadidjya think about those great, grand, glorious heroes of the Revolution?