The Shoutbox
Morning, AKA.
Morning all!
Yup...very sad shame...
Yeah, I told Ryan. He's got some problems with me personally, I think. Apparently I didn't come to his defense in the whole matter fast enough (which I don't buy). He's really not interested in it all anymore...I've done all I can to try to convince him to stick's up to him, basically.

And yeah, it is a real shame.
Thanks Holden, it was Mannish Boy I just Downloaded three different version of it Muddy, jimi and the rolling stones.

So ryanpaige is not coming back that's a shame did you tell him that Henry Hill left MoFo's maybe he'll come back than
Man, I'm geeking it up so bad tonight. Just spent an hour...wrote a hack and fixed a problem that I pulled several clumps of hair out over just a couple weeks ago. Go figure.
The song he's addding his own running commentary to in the hotel room is Muddy Water's "Mannish Boy".
The one he's singing to in the car is "I'd Really Love To See You Tonight" by England Dan and John Ford Coley. The lyric in the chorus is "I'm not talkin' 'bout movin' in", but he sings the common incorrect lyric "I'm not talkin' 'bout the linens"
By the song Sam Jackson sings in The Long Kiss Goodnight, do you mean the one he screws up the lyrics to while singing to the radio in the car, or when he's in the hotel room describing what he's doing?
henry hill left. He was not banned or ordered to leave, but he started trouble which eventually spurred ryanpaige to leave. He left, too, as a result.

There's not much to tell about tyler's banning. He acted like an a**. Each post was more rude and juvenile than the last. One of them was particularly vulgar (he'd basically been warned at that point, too), so I deleted it, and banned him.