The Shoutbox
I hate it when people STRETCH to find a rhyme. A lot of kids stuff is like that. Who writes this junk?
It's raining it's pouring, the old man is snoring...
Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiired. Lots of working today.
What a lively bunch we are today...come on people...wakie wakie!!
I tried spliting that column into two...didn't want to do it though...I don't think I did it right anyways...
Yeah, nested tables work well. I use 'em all the time.

Concerning the other problem: isn't an actual tab. valign is an attribute, though. It works like this:

Oh..figured out the padding thing, just added in another table in between so that there's epace there...looks much much better...
You know me...

I'm trying to get this image to move to the bottom of the column so you don't see the background of the column underneath the image..any ideas? I've tried but that didn't work
Hi Anne!