The Shoutbox
S.C. This joke has gotten the best of you SOOOOOOOOOO many times....
Whoo Hoo! Boss just left so now I can get back online... LOL
Yes, I'm making, er, re-doing a website for my church.

And since I was asked... You're coming to Mass this Sunday aren't you Unregistered?
Yes, this page refreshes itself -- just like the Who's Online? page. It's more like a real-time chat that way. You can walk away, come back, and it's all updated for you.
WTF! My page just refreshed itself! Spud should use the birthday thing to say, you're coming to mass this Sunday aren't you Sunfrogolin?
Mr. Woods is building a website for a church, I believe.
What r u making Spud?
Well, I'm off...have to find a good script to run a menu in...So far, nothing...
Yeah...sorry...I hadn't thought about it because for so long it didn't work, and I had gotten used to this so...