The Shoutbox
*humming to "I Want Candy"*

I've got money...
I've got money...

Sinbad can be funny. His attempts at movies like Houseguest are not...

I'm going to vomit.
Well, they're both talented.
I have. He sucks! Here's one for you...didn't you say Britney Spears was discovered on Star Search or something? Well, so was Sinbad.
I know, I know. I used to think he was awful...until I saw his standup routine. Loads of fun. Give it a try, if you haven't.
Sinbad cracks you up? Oh, T...*tsk tsk*
I hate to say it, but he really cracks me up. Those specials Comedy Central airs are hilarious.

Now that you say who says it...I can picture him saying that.
Yes. Yes I am. Though 'twas Sinbad who did so originally.
Are you poking fun at my state???