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"Come aboard, We're expecting you! ON the Love Boat..:"
"Love, exciting and new. Come aboard, we're expecting you...!"
Happy Valentine's Day everybody...hope love finds you all and gives you a big, fat, sloppy kiss on your cheeks!
I mean I'd like to see you say Who'd A Thunk It
Yeah, WE don't have the do.
You've already got an accent...

Career...well that's another story...
I'm off for a while.

Seeyou later.

Not Lenny!
I'm planning on it. First year out, I'm telling you -- USA! USA!

I want an accent and a career.

Can't go wrong with a quote from The Simpsons -- you just can't.

Sorry, Matt. I've bounced on and off the boards myself most of the day. You need to change your sleeping habits...or more to the U.S.
I get on, no one's here I come back, it's packed. I get here again, gone, vamoose!

That sucks!

[i]Send in the clowns. Those, laughy, daffy clowns..."
Anthony LaPaglia, a native Australian, was excellent in the critically acclaimed Aussie feautre Lantana, which is now making the art house circuit here in the States.