The Shoutbox
Both games today were duller than dishwater. I didn't care who won either contest, so in that case I always root for the underdogs. But the favorites win, demolish the point spread: dull, dull, dull. That's why the Pats/Raiders game was so exciting last night: unpredictible.
Whatcha mean "huh"? You could be a little more descriptive as to what it is you want to know. Summary: Holden said the Ravens would not be pushovers, that it would be a close game decided by a defensive score late in the game, and the Steelers ended up winning 27-10 thanks to some truly horrible play by Baltimore. GO STEELERS!
I have no idea either Timing. LOL. All I know is that Steelers are/were winning. I'm not watching the game. I usually only watch the Super Bowl
Yeah, sorry about that. 27-10 Steelers, BTW. Not exactly close...or low-scoring. I can't think of any defensive scores either. The Steelers have played decently...maybe even well. The Ravens have, I must say, though, indeed been pushovers. I give Holden credit for his bold prediction, but I don't think I would have been "sadly mistaken" had I assumed they were going to roll over and die.
Getting kinda lengthy in some of these shouts aren't we!?
go packers, go packers!!

......ravens have the coolest name though!
Gym teachers are the lowest form of life.
I dunno what that's from, but I like it.
"Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach. Those who can't teach, teach gym."
While I'm blabbing incessantly, I might as well make a prediction: the winner of the Ravens-Steelers game will advance to the Super Bowl. Ditto for the winner of the Packers-Rams game. If I'm right, well, we'll have our championship matchup decided by tomorrow night. I'll post this in "The Sports Tab,", in case I'm right (it does happen now and then), I can boast about it.