The Shoutbox
How can I watch the Golden Globes when Alias is on?
Ok, who isn't watching the Golden Globes? Shame on you. I missed the first hour so I can't really say much.
wwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa wwaaaaaaaaa
poor packers.
I just read over my last shout. It was a bit...selfish and rude and presumptious. It shoudln't have come across like that, rather more pathetic and whiny. Like Gollum. Pleeeeeease?
Look, just make sure that you make all you posts about the Winners say just that: 'THE GLOBE WINNERS'. I want to know not to go in. And no talk of the Winners in the Shoutbox either. Please. I will pay you with....something. Body, maybe. But seriously, this is a big deal. Complete SILENCE.

How are you today Holden?
Sades, you mean the Globes are tape-delayed on the West Coast? That's weird. Happily they don't do that with the Oscars. The Globes are only twenty-five minutes away here, since we get the live broadcast...............and Sadie, for somebody who said her goodbyes you're doing a good deal of posting.
Almost 4 hours until awards night...8:00pm...coming soon, Silver B.
OH GOD!!! Shtuup about the awards!! Please!! I still have nearly 11 hours!!!! ELEVEN!!!
don't forget to watch the Golden Globes, tonight...I've been watching the pre-shows, damn...that kid from Hedwig and the Angry Inch...looks straight out of the 80's!~Sades
Yeah, the Packers are getting whooped...though I think they've got 20 minutes left. If anyone can do it, Favre can. Steelers game dull? WTF? We had, what, 5 INTs, and like 4 fumbles? It was cra-zay. Not as exciting as last night, granted...but, hell, that's a lofty standard.
Both games today were duller than dishwater. I didn't care who won either contest, so in that case I always root for the underdogs. But the favorites win, demolish the point spread: dull, dull, dull. That's why the Pats/Raiders game was so exciting last night: unpredictible.