The Shoutbox
I saw it on cable the other day and was wondering why it's so good. I think it's because bill murray is in it.
is anyone here a fan of the movie Quick Change?
I'm not terribly fond of it either. No, we don't have to talk about it. Doesn't matter to me.
MV sucks. Must we talk about it?
i hate it when people wont answer your cell phone because they dont know whose number it is on their caller id
I hate it when people pay so they won't show up on your called id
I know what you're talking about because I went over there just a moment ago.
He did? How do you know what I'm talking about? Nice refresh feature
You're terruble.
He posted a similar thread I'll respond to it here. On my turf. Yeeeeah.
dee deet deet..Twt, your presence is requested at mova. Sun out.