The Shoutbox
Who knows?
I think I'll just sing.

"Lady Madonna, Childrenat you feet, Something-something-something-something-make ends meeet!"
Well, it was of course supposed to be an answer to "It's the Ebd of the World As We Know It", but I loves The Beatles, so it's all good.

"There are places I remember..."
"She's in love with me and..."
"...I feel fine."
and this end of the world you speak it a bad thing?

no no no, dont start a thread, if there is something he doesnt, it may be the end of the world as we know it

I can't say I have any idea.
Start a thread on it, I agree.
It'd be interesting to see what Holden DOESN'T know.
i dont know but maybe some one should sart a thread about music videos and directing
Does anyone have any idea as to who directs the Garbage music videos?
I caught a couple lately, and visually they're pretty f#ct up :P
Well. No one's on. I'm basically talking to myself.
I'm going to take a shower, and then write something, perhaps.

Have a good one all, always a pleasure.
I was away a good deal of the day. Looks like the inmates took over the asylum. Not that that doesn't happen when I'm here, though.