The Shoutbox
I'm just so glad the holidays are over!!! They are great when they're here but i'm always so relieved to be back to normal! Yahoo!
It doesn't bother me on little comments, it's when you read everyones and then start posting then it catches you. Shouldn't have that problem anymore though.
Ok, I'll change the refresh thing to 120 seconds. Hyper: yes, this is a 100% custom hack, except for the name. I blatantly stole the name from And no, no way to edit it...that's the point really: it's sort of like a chat room. BTW, it just caught me in the middle of posting, too, but I just hit the back button.
Can't edit previous shots...

Auto-refresh to at least 2 minutes. It's now caught me in the middle of posting something 3 times.
And while I'm thinking about it, is there a way to edit your previous shouts?
Chris, is this your own custom hack or what? I like it!
FYI: I'm gonna put the most recent Shout on the mainpage or something...that might get people more involved. We'll see.
No, the auto-refresh is still on. Is it really all that annoying? Can I lengthen it to appease you, perhaps?
I guess nobody likes using this little thing. Shame shame, and it's so much fun to use.
Did you take the bloody auto-refresh off? It's a little annoying.