The Shoutbox
While I'm blabbing incessantly, I might as well make a prediction: the winner of the Ravens-Steelers game will advance to the Super Bowl. Ditto for the winner of the Packers-Rams game. If I'm right, well, we'll have our championship matchup decided by tomorrow night. I'll post this in "The Sports Tab,", in case I'm right (it does happen now and then), I can boast about it.
Oh, not that it makes much difference, but ESPN, at least, called it a "controversial call," and 67.7% of over 13,000 visitors polled say the Raiders got screwed over. Not saying that makes it true, but I would argue that this one is a little up in the air...unless I missed something that was said during the broadcast (a very real possibility...I was talking my head off, as usual).
Oh, I don't think they're gonna be pushovers. Not by a long shot. Do I think we'll win? Yeah, I do. Do I think it'll be a cake walk? Not likely. I don't see it as presumptuous to express dissapointment that, even if we win, we've got the Pats waiting for us. I'll be quite surprised if there's much defensive scoring (it's just too rare), but I do imagine it'll be close. Don't forget, though: their last meeting saw 47 total you never know.As for the rule: I dunno what network it's on over there, but over here, on CBS, they were fairly confused. They quoted the rule, but, at the same time, they weren't sure whether his hand had stopped. After all, it's not still an incomplete pass if he's just sitting there holding the ball in his hand, not moving his arm. Looked to me like his arm was completely still...the pump fake was completed, and he was just holding it. I readily admit that it was a very, vey close call, I wouldn't say that the Raiders were "robbed," (ironic, eh?) or anything of the sort, if that's what you mean.
And as for who Pittsburgh will play, if you think The Ravens are going to be push-overs, you are sadly mistaken. No matter who wins, it's gonna be close, probably a defensive score being the turning point late.
As for the call, if the rule as quoted is on the books, then it WAS the right call. Of course, if Oakland had converted on 3rd and One, they win the game. They didn't. The Pats stepped up and won fair & square.
No, New England had no time outs, and it was 4th Down so they couldn't spike the ball to stop the clock. They had time for one play, but zero margin for error. Great kick.
I think they did have a time out...but I'm not sure. He had a few seconds to get ready...they had more than enough time to get out there...but yes, it was very, very impressive. I dunno about that call, though. Looked like a fumble to me. Crap, I'd rather take on the Raiders in the AFC Championship than the Pats.
MAN. It shouldn't be humanly possible to hit a 45-yard FG in the wind and snow with no time out to even stop the clock and get set...Exciting!
GO STEELERS! Nice reference, BTW, Holden. I'll be honest, I liked a lot of what the XFL was doing...but some of it just seemed so amateur. The "custom" jersey names was a completely idiotic move. It took away any legitimacy the games might have had.

Yeah, that's a helluva lot of snow. Did you see the Raiders (I think it was the Raiders) botching their chance to down iat the 1, having lost track of where the end zone was? Hilarious. Gonna be a great game tomorrow. GO STEELERS!
Sigh. American Sport. Pfft.
I think she means "she-hate-us"......Yeah, I'm watching the snowy Raiders/Pats game: fun stuff. I'll definitely be watching the Ravens/Steelers tomorrow afternoon.