The Shoutbox
Geek Speak: Beware: I just got a call to do some developing in Crystal... WooHoo Toose just changed to Too$e!!
It would bounce your b*lls into oblivion my friend. Ooops there the undertone again.
There was nothing sexual about my shout, I was simply stating the fact that Kangaroos have warm pouches.
Must everything have a sexual undertone? C'mon, kangaroos are FUUUUN. Imagine riding one to work. What a way to travel. Mercy yes, that'd be a blast.
Hmmmm, Kangaroos have warm pouches. Waaaaaarrrrrrmmmm
Kangaroos? That's a little more information than we all needed, T.
Naw, maybe like 3 things...two of which involve kangaroos, and one of which involves the Java Virtual Machine.
Toose, sir, there about 100 things cooler than geekin' it up on the shoutbox...I assure you.
Well, yeah. SQL is the database world. Even Oracle uses standard, ANSI SQL syntax. And yes, please do not talk hardware. It will diminish my geek-ego.
Don't make me talk hardware... I'm coming close to certification...
Sadie, milady, nothing is cooler than geek on the shoutbox. Well, maybe something...