The Shoutbox
This in one hell of an interesting concept.
This is not going to be used to phase any other forums out, is it?

Dun dun dun.
Thanks Brudda I'll check them out. I'm in the wierdest mood today. Must be a full moon.
I use or The former is better, but the latter allows you to search for many domains at once.
Hey, where can I go to see if a domain name is available?
Yeah, I'll go add it to all the forums. Sades'll probably be the primary Shouter, though. Either that or she'll help get it moving. This thing is definitely up her alley. I'm gonna try to work the Shoutbox into the other parts of the forum somehow, too.
Boy, you would think this thing would be used all the time, hardly anyone is using it. Maybe the Announcement should've been in all the forums.
I'm just so glad the holidays are over!!! They are great when they're here but i'm always so relieved to be back to normal! Yahoo!
It doesn't bother me on little comments, it's when you read everyones and then start posting then it catches you. Shouldn't have that problem anymore though.
Ok, I'll change the refresh thing to 120 seconds. Hyper: yes, this is a 100% custom hack, except for the name. I blatantly stole the name from And no, no way to edit it...that's the point really: it's sort of like a chat room. BTW, it just caught me in the middle of posting, too, but I just hit the back button.
Can't edit previous shots...

Auto-refresh to at least 2 minutes. It's now caught me in the middle of posting something 3 times.
And while I'm thinking about it, is there a way to edit your previous shouts?